The Venetian Carousel is a small ride based on classic double-decker carousels which originated in the city of Venice in the Victorian period. While not a very exciting ride, the carousel has the benefit of being inexpensive and small, making it a good choice when on a tight budget or if space is limited. The carousel can be made more exciting by editing the ride to make it spin faster throughout its run animation which when coupled with pleasing scenery, can create popular ride. It also has the benefit of having low nausea rates.

Carousels are among the oldest of theme park rides, the very earliest dating to the 1700s. The ride's spinning motions may have been inspired by medieval knight parades just before a joust. The first types of carousels were rather plain, with simple boards and operated by a hand and pulley system before becoming steam powered in the 1800s. It was during this time that they became more elaborate with decorative horses replacing boards, wide canopies and also fairground organ music accompanying the ride. Today carousels are as popular as ever, with all manner of designs, including wild and mythological creatures.

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