Planet Coaster Sandbox options

In Sandbox mode, players will be able to create the park of their dreams with unlimited funds. Zero financial stress means players can experiment, build and demolish to their heart's content. No pressure to succeed. The only goal is to have fun. 

There are several sandbox themes to choose from. Those include:

  • Tropical - Stream near the entrance. Flat green building area with hills in the background. Palm trees and ferns. 
  • Desert - Hills and plataues of red desert sand. A few fountains near the entrance, but no natural water. 
  • Grassland - flat building area covered in grass. Rolling hills in the background. 
  • Alpine - Hills are a bit higher, evergreen trees are in abundance. Rocks and grass cover the ground. 
  • Deciduous - as close to a forest as you can get without building it yourself. There are both leafy and needle trees in this biome. 

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