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Planet Coaster Tutorial - Coaster Construction04:04

Planet Coaster Tutorial - Coaster Construction

There are currently three types of Custom Roller Coasters available under Coasters that players can build themselves. They are Steel Coasters, Wooden Coasters, and Hybrid Coasters. A full list is below. 

Steel CoastersEdit

Hybrid CoastersEdit

Wooden CoastersEdit

Each coaster has a specific type or set of rails, drives, breaks, rolls and motors that can be used with it. After players pick a base, only the options available for that specific coaster will be shown in the builder. Players will be able to lift, lower, twist and turn each piece to get it where they want it to be or the direction it should lead to. Once all the pieces are in place and all that is left is to connect back to the station, players can use the 'Autocomplete' and the game will attempt to complete the coaster railing for them.

The price for each piece will be on the right side of the options as well as color choices. There are four sections in the color scheme that can be changed using the color palette.

Roller coaster options1

Each station will need an entry and an exit gate to the station, as well as a queue area. Players will also need to add a ticket booth to the end of the queue. Of course, adding pathways to and from the ride is a good idea as well.

There are also settings that can be changed for the ride. This includes:

  • Auto Tunnel
  • Angle Snap (degrees)
  • Camera - changes the current viewpoint
  • Bank Pivot Height - Station
  • Entry Speed - Station
  • Exit Speed - Station
  • Train Stop Location - Station

In Alpha 3, Blueprints were added and 8 new completely built coasters were added. Players can now create a custom coaster and save it to a blueprint, allowing them to share their designs with other players. The cost of the blueprint depends on the materials used to build it. Players need to ensure they have available room for a blueprint coaster and that there are no objects in the way or it will not place. Sometimes raising the height of the coaster can help. 

In-game Blueprint pre-designed coasters include:




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