Planet Coaster is a construction and management theme park game developed by Frontier Developments. It was released on Steam on November 17, 2016. It was originally dubbed Coaster Park Tycoon but the studio decided against tying the game in with the previous Tycoon series and changed the name. This game runs on the COBRA engine, the same proprietary, custom built engine that is used for Elite Dangerous. The game is available on Steam. Players who purchased the game early were invited to the Beta. More information is available at the official website.  

Planet Coaster gives players the tools they need to build and maintain their own theme park from the ground up. There are several game modes including Career, Sandbox and Challenge. Create buildings, alter landscape, and build enormous roller coasters using the innovative and easy to use tools. Create blueprints of your designs and share them via the global village and Steam Workshop. Create an avatar and visit other player's parks. 

The park comes alive when guests arrive. Hire staff to meet their needs and entertain them, or to clean up after them. Watch them as they walk around and click on them to see their thoughts. Find out what they enjoy or don't enjoy and do what it takes to make them happy and keep them spending money. Use Challenge mode to challenge your skills at running a business, or choose sandbox for an unlimited supply of funds and build to your heart's content. 

The sky is the limit to the creativity that can be discovered within Planet Coaster. 



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