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Planet Coaster Tutorial - Park Management

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Planet Coaster Tutorial - Advanced Management Part 1

Park Management is the tool players will use to keep a close eye on their park's progress. There are massive amounts of information that can be gathered here in regards to finances, research, marketing, staff, attractions, shops, and guests.Players will be able to tell at a glance what the overall health of their park is. This information will help guide them to making better decisions to increase guest happiness. They are the paying customers and if they aren't happy, your park will certainly fail.



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The overview is the quickest way to see how well the park is doing. This view contains several windows, each with information regarding all available tabs.

Guest Summary - From here, players can see what how many of each guest type is currently in the park. Groups include Adults, Teens, and Family. The graph below dictates the over happiness of the guests. This will start at medium in a new park and vary as happiness increases or decreases. To see more in-depth information, use the Guests tab.

Top Guest Thoughts - This will relay the most commonly occurring guest thoughts from the guests currently in the park.

Staff Summary - A disgruntled employee is never a good thing. Are they overworked and/or underpaid? See how many staff are currently working and what their overall satisfaction level is. To view more in-depth details, use the Staff tab.

Finance Summary - This is probably the most important information a player could want unless they are in Sandbox Mode and don't really care of course. For those players wanting a full game experience, knowing your profit and expense information is detrimental to the park's success. Get a basic idea of where the money is going at a glance. For more detailed information, use the Finance tab.

Rides and Attractions Summary - This will give the player a quick view of how many rides and shops are currently in the park and which attraction is currently the most popular. For more details, use the Attractions and Shops tab.

Marketing and Research Summary - This is a quick overview of the park owner's marking status and monthly costs. For more details, use the Marketing tab.


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