Planet Coaster - Game Modes
There are multiple game modes in Planet Coaster. They are Career, Sandbox, and Challenge. 

Career Mode allows players to progress by completing scenarios with objectives in different difficulties. Players will start with a pre-set park. These parks can also be opened in Challenge and Sandbox mode by using the Open As...  option. 

Sandbox Mode allows players to create a park without the stress of money or management. They can still hire staff and manage finances using all the features and tools provided if they choose. Many use this mode to build and create parks, shops, coasters and scenery to convert to a blueprint . Blueprints can then be uploaded to the Steam Workshop and shared with everyone.

Challenge Mode is for the player who wants to build their theme park empire from the ground up. Player will start with a minimal amount of money, and it's 'sink or swim' at that point. If the park is not proving to be self-sufficient, players can take out loans for improvements and attempt to increase the value to customers. A happy customer is a paying customer. Challenge Mode has three difficulties. Easy, Medium, and Hard. Medium is the default but players may want to adjust the level based on their experience with park management. All five (currently) environment types are available for this mode. These include Tropical , Desert , Grassland , Alpine , and Deciduous

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